Leading A Multinational Corporation


Since the beginning of this year, today’s business environment is changing rapidly. We are constantly faced with volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) challenges and threats such as the Covid-19 crisis. A lot has been written in recent months about this change and its various aspects: globalization, emerging markets, different competitors, new technologies and most recently the Covid-19 pandemic and economic crisis that change organizational structure, business models and market places, impact of social media, etc and even force businesses to close down. Governments all over the world have struggled to contain the spread of Covid-19. They relentlessly provide stimuluspackage to support coronavirus-hit economy and pursue a speedy economic recovery. It has affected people and businesses worldwide, and surely also multinational companies (MNCs). (S.D. Sutedja)

Our Managing Partner had recently delivered a series of guest lecture on leading a multinational corporation to very talented and interactive MBA and BBA students at Edith Cowan University Perth, Western Australia. He had the honour and privilege to share his vast MNC leadership experience covering real-world insights into critical leadership and management challenges and opportunities in Asia Pacific inparticular. The guest lectureshave been invaluable to the MBA students on their path to business leadership in the foreseeable future and guide them on how to lead a MNC in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) business environment.

This has been part of a series of guest lectures delivered recently in the leadership and international business areas on topics of Leadership in a Multinational Corporation, Regional Supply Chain Managementas well as Leading Teams and Leading Change.He had the honour & privilege to share real-life of the developments in MNCs, leadership, the supply chain sector and change management . The guest lectures will help enhance and strengthen postgraduate business students' commercial awareness and professional mindsets in the leadership, change management and in the regional supply chain and logistics management that they will deal with in their current and future professional career.

On real-life leadership lectures to the Leadership students, he had been enthusiastically taking time during the guest lecture to give the Leadership students some insights from his real life leadership and professional experience as a corporate business leader across different countries.

He passionately provided the very talented and enthusiastic students with real life examples of the leadership topics which have been about leadership capabilities, competencies, readiness & scaling up strategy in leading teams & leading change in the real corporate world.It is really hoped that his lecturesand presentationswill be a great way to complete the semester for the intelligent business students to challenge themselves to greater things to achieve a leadership position early on their career life, especially working in the multinational corporations they aspire to.


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